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Benefits of Board Certification

Distinguished Representation by a board certified Lawyer

Ms. Shelly Fowler is proud to offer her seasoned representation and sound counsel to her clients. She has dedicated her practice around the philosophy of quality over quantity, providing personalized guidance to each individual who comes to her office. As a woman who holds herself to a high moral and ethical standard, she is always honest and upfront about your options and expectations.

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Why is board certification important?

In addition to her outstanding legal assistance to her clients, she is also proud to boast that she is board certified in criminal law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Board certifications are provided only to lawyers who voluntarily undergo the rigid certification process, and are awarded to those who show the highest commitment to excellence in their fields.

Board certification in criminal law requires:

  • Successful completion of formal training in criminal defense
  • Substantial and proven experience in criminal law
  • Ongoing involvement and education in their respected areas of law
  • Annual refresher courses
  • Peer-review in the attorney's field

Fewer than 10% of licensed attorneys are board certified specialists, making this a highly sought-after distinction. Having a board certified professional on your side can help make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

Defend Your Charges with a Board Certified Professional

Are you ready to get started on protecting your future and safeguarding your rights? In addition to a board certification in criminal law, Shelly Fowler is also certified by the Texas judiciary to try murder cases, demonstrating her ability to handle even the most serious of charges.

If you are the subject of criminal charges, contact Shelly D. Fowler, Attorney at Law today and schedule a free initial consultation.