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Drug Possession

Drug Possession in Texas

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While many other states are reconsidering their drug laws, Texas remains one of the toughest enforcers of drug-related crimes in the U.S. Drug possession, one of the most commonly charged offenses, is punishable, under some circumstances, with a life sentence. That is why, if you have been accused, you need to retain effective, knowledgeable, and aggressive representation to fight to reduce or even dismiss these charges.

Shelly D. Fowler, Attorney at Law is a board certified criminal defense lawyer with over two decades of experience. In that time, she has again and again navigated her clients' cases to their best possible outcome and continually ensures that their side of the story is told accurately and emphatically before the judge and jury.

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Drug Possession: Factors and Penalties

The seriousness of a possession charge is dependent on several different factors. These include the type of substance found, the quantity of the substance, and even the prior criminal history of the accused. If a conviction is reached, these factors are used to render criminal penalties.

Just a few examples of Texas drug possession penalties include:

  • Under 2 oz. of marijuana: maximum 180 days in jail
  • More than 2 oz. of marijuana: maximum of 20 years in prison and $10K in fines
  • Possession of heroin: minimum two years in jail and $10K in fines
  • Possession of cocaine: minimum two years in jail and $10K in fines
  • Possession of Valium: minimum of one year in jail and $K in fines

Note that these are just a few examples and that many of these are minimum penalties. When large quantities are found, like 400 grams or more for "Penalty Group 1" drugs (heroin, cocaine, or meth), convictions could result in a life sentence.

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