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Child Support in Texas

Johnson County Divorce Lawyer Protecting Your Child's Best Interests

Obtaining child support is not only beneficial to the child in question, but also to the parent who has been given custodial rights of the minor. Having a child support arrangement in place can help a child grow up in a financially stable household by ensuring that the custodial parent has the ability to afford basic medical, educational, and other necessities for the child. If you are looking to enforce child support, or if you are requesting modifications to an existing child support decree, contact a Johnson County family lawyer right away.

Ms. Fowler takes the time to understand each individual's situation and develop a beneficial, personalized resolution to each case. Child support laws in Texas can be tricky, and without the representation of an attorney, you could be facing a difficult battle against the child's other parent or the Texas legal system.

Whether you have recently experienced a drastic change in income that affects your ability to pay, or if your former spouse is not cooperating, Shelly can provide the compassionate services to make sure your child's interests are protected. The sooner you contact Ms. Fowler, the sooner her firm can help you!

How Shelly D. Fowler, Attorney at Law can help!

Child support and child custody cases can be difficult to manage alone, and you need to trust your future to the dedicated lawyer. When you choose to work with Ms. Fowler, you will be working with a lawyer who has successfully tackled numerous complex child support cases for over 25 years. She will use her professional training as a certified mediator to provide amicable and productive solutions to your child support disputes. You won't feel alone because Shelly Fowler will be by your side every step of the way.

If you are interested in learning more about your child support rights, call the Johnson County divorce lawyer today and schedule a free consultation with her Cleburne office.