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If you are facing a family law issue, you may feel stressed and completely overwhelmed by the situation. Many families do not know where to turn or how to effectively resolve their issue in a timely and cost-effective manner.

If you and your spouse or significant other is unable to reach an agreement about a family law conflict and are on relatively amicable terms, mediation may be a viable alternative for both of you. Shelly Fowler is a certified mediator who has helped numerous couples avoid costly litigation, and she may be able to help you overcome this challenging time in your life.

There are numerous reasons why one may choose mediation over litigation:

  • Mutual consent - Both parties' needs will be heard through dialogue, and only a mutually-agreed upon resolution will be placed into a mediated settlement agreement.
  • Control of the situation - In litigation, neither party may have complete control of what is happening in their case. In mediation, you have complete control of your wishes.
  • Cost effective - While there is a mediation fee, the cost is significantly less than the cost of a lengthy court litigation process.
  • Confidentiality - In a court battle, all information is public record; in a mediation process, all information is kept between the consenting parties.
  • Control of your wishes - Nothing is finalized in mediation without the consent of both parties. You have control of your wishes!

Because mediation does not require a court process, most clients are able to see an effective resolve in a timely manner. Also, mediation allows individuals to have their requests heard and avoid any future need for modifications. If done right and if facilitated by an experienced, certified professional, mediation can make divorces and other family law issues much easier to cope with.

Amicably Settle Your Disputes Outside of Court

While some individuals may qualify for mediation, others may benefit more from litigation. The specifics of your case, the type of case that you are trying to mediate, and the issues involved will all affect the type of dispute resolution you choose.

In order to ensure that you receive the most from your case, contact Ms. Fowler's office and schedule a free consultation with a Johnson County mediator right away.