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Modifying & Enforcing Divorce Decrees in Texas

Divorce Lawyer

While divorce decrees are final, they are not permanent. Changing any portion of the decree must be prompted by a substantial change in an individual's circumstances. Shelly Fowler understands that life moves on after your divorce, and sometimes a modification is necessary.

If you are looking to modify any existing portion of your divorce decree, or if you need assistance with enforcing the modifications or standing judgments, contact her office right away and speak with a trusted family lawyer . Ms. Fowler offers free case reviews so you can discuss your issues risk free.

Most portions of a divorce decree can be modified, including:

  • Child custody arrangements - In some cases, one parent may have moved from the area where the divorce was finalized, or there may have been a change in work and life conditions that may require a modified visitation schedule between the non-custodial parent and children.
  • Child support -
    • Did you lose your job?
    • Are you making less money?
    • Is your spouse making more money?
    If so, adjusting child support may be necessary. These accommodations can be made on a permanent or temporary basis, depending on your needs.
  • Spousal support - Along with child support, spousal support needs may change on an ongoing basis. To determine if your spousal support can be changed, contact an attorney right away.

Protect Your Rights with a Family Lawyer

If the supporting parent is not making the child support payments with which he or she has been ordered, Shelly can help enforce the order through a court of law. The supporting parent must comply with the order or they risk penalties such as jail time. Ms. Fowler can also assist with defending an enforcement should you be in the process of requesting a modification to the order.

When you retain the assistance of Shelly D. Fowler, you will be working with a dedicated legal professional who has over 25 years of experience in helping clients obtain the most from their cases. Ms. Fowler is committed to providing the best possible representation to individuals and families, so you can rest assured that your future is in good hands. You can expect life to change, but Ms. Fowler's dedication to your case won't.

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